Smart Moves for Dental Professionals On the Ball - NEW Home Exercise DVD and Kit

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The 2nd edition of this exercise program incorporates the latest research on low back pain, neck pain, dental ergonomics and exercise physiology into a highly effective exercise routine that address the unique muscle imbalances that tend to develop in dental professionals.

  • Learn how to perform muscular endurance training on key stabilizing muscles to help prevent pain, work more comfortably and tone your body.
  • Learn which exercises and gym machines can worsen the health of dental professionals
  • Educational narrative throughout the DVD helps the dental professional apply exercise concepts and movement to their everyday practice in the operatory for a long and healthy career!


Stretching routine:  Eight specific stretches help reduce painful trigger points, disc degeneration, muscle ischemia and imbalances. (12 min.)

Two Muscular Endurance Training routines:  Work longer with less discomfort and fatigue by targeting stabilizing muscles of the trunk and shoulder girdle.  Sculpt your mid-section and define your upper body with a variety of exercises. (22 min ea).

BONUS: 10 Minute Time-Saver Workout - Don't have time for an entire workout? We've bundled our 'Top 5' Essential Exercises for dental professionals into a quick 10-minute routine.

This Kit includes:

  • Smart Moves for Dental Professionals on the Ball DVD (PAL Format)
  • 2-sided color Laminated Exercise Cue Card
  • 2 Elastic Exercise Bands (red & yellow)
  • Theraband Door Anchor
  • Instruction Manual