Mailing List Rental - Annual Subscription - Special Launch Offer - SAVE $$$$

Mailing List Rental Annual Subscriptions - launch special - limited time only
  • The annual subscription covers rental of our mailing list for 12 months.
  • You must work through an accrediated third party mailing company for fulfillment of your mail out.
  • Each time you want to send out a direct mail campaign, contact us with your requirements (you can specify everything from national to targeting of specific practitioners by speciality, location, etc).
  • We will then prepare the mailing list to your specification and supply it electronically to your mailing company for fulfillment (i.e. we never supply the list directly to you -- the mailing company will sign a usage contract as per standard industry practice with us that restricts its use. The list will then be destroyed and cannot be reused).
  • Pricing is for rental of our mailing list only. All other costs associated with your direct mail campaign including printing, folding, inserting and postage are excluded.
  • The mailing list is constantly updated. It is published at and also used for mailing Australasian Dental Practice, Auxiliary and eLABORATE.
  • If you do not have a mailing company you work with already, we can make recommendations from our preferred supplier list.
  • Quotes can also be provided on design, printing of direct mail material including envelopes and other services.
  • EDM (Electronic Direct Mail - by email) also available - at additional cost.
  • Fax campaigns also available - at additional cost.
  • Pricing valid for prepaid annual subscription only.
  • LIMITED TIME ONLY - Offer will close without notice.